Wednesday 2 June 2021

The Return of the Drama Llama

 Although I was on vacation last week, I didn't get much riding done. It was a combination of a few things - super windy/rainy days, a three-day migraine, and minor car issues. I got a quick ride in on both horses on Tuesday, which was also farrier day, managed a ride on Friday with the migraine so I felt pretty weak and didn't do very much, and on Sunday when it was pretty warm so I didn't do much again.

I cut Cisco's head off, but there was a line of grey horses lined up for the farrier. Phantom had already been done and was back outside.

This week, we are experiencing a short-term heat wave, with temperatures around 30 celsius. That's just about as hot as we get in my area. 

Tuesday was the first hot day. I was at work a bit late so went straight out to the barn and arrived a little after 7 (it hadn't started to cool off yet). 

When I got out of the car a horse whinnied and I thought it kinda sounded like Phantom, but thought, nah, there's no reason for her to be yelling. 

I went out to grab Cisco and Phantom whinnied again - yes, it was her I had heard earlier. Odd, but I threw a halter on Cisco and left Phantom in the paddock and didn't think anything of it. 

Except she kept on screaming. 

Which meant that Cisco had to reply as I was getting him tacked up. Over and over and over. 

I peeked outside a few times to make sure she wasn't running around (way too hot for her to do that) and she was always standing still, usually eating, but constantly calling. I realized that the other two horses that live with them weren't in the paddock. Pete is Phantom's bff and he isn't ridden all that often, so I wasn't sure where he was, and Lucy was usually in a lesson at this time (but Phantom doesn't care about her!). I'm pretty sure she was mostly screaming for Pete and not Cisco, much to Cisco's dismay. 

A pic from this winter of BFF's Pete, Phantom and Cisco. Lucy isn't part of the cool club.

When I arrived in the arena with Cisco, Lucy and Pete were both being ridden. However, they were done, and walked out of the arena as we came in. Cisco kind of lost his brain about the fact that his friends were abandoning him. Some groundwork ended up being required, during which some cuss words may have been aimed towards his general direction.

All I had wanted for this ride was a quick w/t/c, then go for a hack outside. I was hot and tired, and hadn't even bothered to put my half-chaps on. It appeared that my drama llama hadn't read the memo.

However, he stood rock still when I got on, which was my first surprise. Didn't really expect that.

Our walk warmup was slightly better than I thought it might be - he was stretching down - when he wasn't screaming back at Phantom and whoever else had decided to get involved in the conversation. 

I eventually girded my loins to pick up the hot mess of a trot that was inevitable based on his mindset. But it didn't happen. 

He picked up a relaxed, soft trot - with a straight transition that didn't have flinging shoulders towards the gate. 

I totally didn't expect that!

He gets to stay a little bit longer...

So, after all that drama upon our entry to the arena, I ended up having the relaxed ride that I had been wanting. 

I don't know how much the heat had to do with Cisco's relaxation, but I think we are finally getting to the point where his training is able to supercede some of his outside worries. I mean, it's only taken four years!

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  1. It's great that Cisco didn't buy into the drama! that's a huge step.