Friday 4 June 2021

Vet Day

 Wednesday was vet day.

Cisco got his teeth floated. He had some sharp edges (more on the right than the left) but otherwise he was good and I was told he can stay on the every two year schedule he's been on. 

The corner feeder made a good nose-rest. He was probably dreaming of noms.

All gelding owners know to take advantage of sedation and go searching for beans! I removed a couple of pea-sized ones before I did a smegma transplant - his boy parts have been a bit stinky again.

I had hoped to hop on Phantom while Cisco was having his post-dental nap but it was far too hot. I worry about her breathing in this heat, and I don't think she's completely lost her winter coat, so I'm also worried about her overheating. The vet had also mentioned that she's had a whole lot of heaves cases this week due to the high pollen count. 

Thus, no one got ridden. But they both got their tails washed, before they got hand-grazed.

Always a bit of a gong show - Cisco eats super fast and won't lift his head. Phantom is much pickier and slower, and walks backwards as she eats. Trying to keep them somewhat together can be a challenge!

It looks like the heat should break on Friday, then it's back to perfect riding temperatures.

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