Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Wonky Boob

As it goes every year, Phantom ended up with a lumpy reaction to her vaccinations. But when you can see the lump as you drive past the paddock on the road, you know it's going to be bad.
This was pretty easy to see from the road.
This year she got a 6 way injection instead of the 4 way injection/nasal flu/rhino that she's had the last few years. I kind of thought that the lump might be worse this year.

It was definitely bigger. But it was different than what it usually is. Normally it's a hard, hot lump that changes into fluid after about 4 days or so. This time, there seemed to be more fluidy right away. And there wasn't the heat or hardness that there normally was. And thus, Phantom was not as uncomfortable as she usually is.

In fact, she was quite perky. And was quite happy to go for a hand walk with me. A bit slower than usual maybe, but I was by no means having to drag her behind me.
Day 2

Day 3
She got bute and ice packs for a couple of days, and the lump changed considerably. I'll wait until I see how long it takes to completely go away before I decide if I will do the 6 way again next year or go back to the shot/nasal option. 

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  1. Ugh. Mine had a new vaccine this year too. I noticed that they were a bit stiff and a low energy. The other one they never reacted to but they bounced back in 2 days.