Thursday 21 May 2020

Birthday Girl

Phantom turns 17 today! One more year and she gets to drink and vote!

We celebrated her birthday the day before because we are supposed to have a bit of a monsoon all day Thursday. The dirt roads to the barn have been in poor condition this spring and after 2+ inches of rain I'm probably not going to want to drive on them for a couple days.

I didn't get organized enough to make popsicles for the kids this year. I also didn't want to stand in line to get into the dollar store to pick up some of her favorite cookies. So I wandered the aisles in the grocery store on my weekly trip trying to figure out what I could make work. I had to go down the cereal aisle so that I could come back up the cookie aisle (one-way aisles due to Covid) and I was inspired. I finally decided upon brown sugar-flavored Mini-Wheats. I was pretty sure they would be a safe option.

They were! Well, all except one Mini-Wheat. Apparently Phantom doesn't like soggy cereal. Can't say I blame her. 
She flat out would not eat this Mini-Wheat. Cisco, however, had no issue with it.

The kids got to eat their birthday party treats and then I chucked them into the arena for a quick play. I'm pretty sure they're going to spend most of the next 36 hours standing in the shelter so they might as well get some exercise.

For once Cisco took the lead and Phantom followed. He was quite full of himself and sassy and Phantom was content to just lope behind him.

Happy birthday Phantom!

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