Wednesday 6 May 2020

My Majestic Unicorn

Both horses just got hand walked on Saturday evening. I haven't done much wandering with Cisco in the past, so I was actually really pleased with how well he was paying attention to me. I did the walk fast/walk really slow/suddenly halt routine with him and he stayed right with me despite looking around at everything. Apparently, he can multi-task.

Along one part of the trek I thought I would try to get some pictures using some evergreen trees and the cloud formations as the background.
I was aiming for something like this, but, you know, with a pretty expression and better lighting.
So, of course, this was when Cisco decided to spook.

The wind was coming up a bit which was blowing through the trees ahead of us. I was standing on the downhill part of the side of the road - not a great position for when your horse wants to jump into your arms for comfort. I was also trying to get the camera of my phone to open with one hand (the other was occupied trying to prevent horsey from jumping on me) - my child-sized hands make this difficult at the best of times.

Thus, these were the pictures of my majestic unicorn that I captured for posterity:

The hand is saying "keep your head away from my head".

Suspicious horse.
At least they make me laugh when I look at them.

The photos of the night were not a total wash - I caught this glorious sunset when I went out to put out some more hay for the ponies.

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  1. lol horses seem to know when to not put their ears up... Nice sunset though!