Wednesday 25 September 2019

10 Questions for September

I had every intention of making it out to ride on Tuesday, but since my drive home from work took twice as long as it should have and I have to be up at the ungodly hour of 5am on Wednesday so I need to try to be asleep by 10pm (not gonna happen) I ended up staying home. And apparently missed some significant barn drama that I will likely be somewhat dragged into. Sigh.

Anyhoo, here are my 10 questions answered.

1) Favourite quirk your horse has

Phantom - not so much a quirk, but she has a signature way of turning her head to look at me when I'm behind her that I love.

Cisco - I love that he almost always walks across the field to me when he sees me. I'd like to think that it's just when he sees me, but in reality he's very people friendly so I'm pretty sure he walks up to everyone.

2) Three adjectives that perfectly describe your horse

Phantom - opinionated, brave, treat-oriented (I've been out of school for a while, no idea if these are actually adjectives)
Moar cookies!

Cisco - friendly, goofy, do-gooder
Every. Frikkin'. Time.

3) Plan your next ride - what will you do/work on?

Phantom - the intent will be basic stuff with an emphasis on suppleness. The reality will be trying to get her to slow the f down!

Cisco - we will continue to work on the stuff we were given to work on in our last lesson - namely, putting together inside seatbone to outside rein.

4) Have you ever trained an OTTB? If yes, what was the biggest challenge?

I've never owned or ridden an OTTB long term, so I can't really take any credit for any training. When I was a teenager I remember getting on some mares that were recently off the track and immediately going for a canter around the arena for a few laps until they calmed down, so I've definitely ridden some OTTB's. I also rode one who had been in the Queen's Plate, the biggest race in Canada, during his prime.
That would be me on said OTTB in 1989 in a hunter trial pairs class. His name was something like Bold Regent or Bull Regent - if anyone has access to the Jockey Club archives and could look him up I'd love to see his info! (He ran in the Plate in the early '80's I think.)

5) Have you ever groomed or ridden for a professional rider?

Nope. Never really had a desire to groom as a full-time thing, and not a good enough rider for someone to want to take me on!

6) Favourite horse and rider combination?

Probably anything Charlotte Dujardin or Carl Hester are riding. I love how they manage their horses and they always seem to have such a great partnership with them.

7) Have you ever ridden a horse at the beach?

I don't think so. I live in a place where there aren't really any beaches and never get to go on vacation.

8) If you could experience the equestrian community (ie. ride and compete) in another country, what country and why?

My dream vacation is to ride in Ireland or the UK, maybe one of those rides where you ride to a different castle to stay in every night. I'd also like to hit up HOYS or one of the big events - mostly for the shopping. And Equitana in Germany for the same reason.
This would probably be acceptable.
9) In your opinion what is a piece of equipment that is given unnecessary hype?

Ogilvy pads. Just not a fan of memory foam and I can't see how they can benefit saddle fit.
Also - saddle prices have gotten kind of ridiculous - it's not hard to spend upwards of $6000 on a new saddle. And higher if you actually need some custom aspects to it. If it doesn't fit you, it probably won't make you a better rider!

10) What was the first horse you rode called? Are they still alive?

The first pony I rode was at a summer camp, a sooty palomino named Dolly. Since this camp was over 30 years ago I highly doubt that she is still alive.
Not Dolly, but Sparky - the first pony I leased way back in 1986-87. I would imagine that she's also off in the land of unlimited horse cookies.


  1. I've been eyeing up saddle options for Sophie and am shocked at how crazy prices are, the couple of models I know I like have doubled in price in the last two years! Fingers crossed the barn drama leaves you alone.

    1. Also, here's a link for you: