Monday 24 June 2019

The Week That Wasn't

I was on vacation last week. Well, vacation from the real job. I had lessons to teach on all of the weekend days. So I was really on vacation from Monday to Friday.

On Monday I booked a massage for late morning. It did me in. I went home and slept for 2.5 hours in the afternoon. This was the second time that I've had cupping therapy done on me to try to get some of the muscles to release faster. I didn't get nauseous afterwards this time, so that's progress. My back still looked like I tangled with an octopus, with circular bruises all over it by the evening.

I made it out to ride in the evening on Tuesday. It had rained in town in the morning, and according to the radar had rained just before I arrived at the barn. I fed Phantom first in her paddock - she was dry and clean. Sweet. Then I crawled through the fence to grab Cisco. He was damp. And dirty.
Tacky dirt that just kind of smeared when I groomed him.
I did my best to try to get the saddle area clean and tacked him up. He was a very good boy, with less tranter, more left lead canter, and oh so close to reaching into the contact for more than a stride or two at a time. His old BFF Pippa was also in the arena, tied up to the hitching rail outside the riding area. We had lovely leg-yields towards where Pippa was tied, and non-existent leg-yields on the other side of the arena. He's very much in the understands but chooses when phase of leg-yielding.

I got on Phantom at about 9:15 pm. Not really uncommon. We went into the arena, and I had every intention of doing something with her. The gate and the door at the end of the ring were open. Phantom will spot an open gate within 2.5 seconds of entering the area. She was really hoping we were going to go out that gate. Two laps of walking later, I agreed with her. I just didn't have it in me to school, and it was going to be the last day without rain for a few days. So out we went for a walk.
That was the night of the cool sky.
It didn't last very long. I hadn't planned for it, so neither of us were wearing bug spray. The mosquitos were out and looking to feed. I managed about 25 minutes before I decided I'd had enough.

The next day, it rained. So I baked.
Like, literally, all day.
The day after that, it rained. And I had a family obligation.

I had done my errands on Thursday, so that I could have Friday free for horse stuff all day. Unfortunately, the couch beckoned and I had a nap with really weird dreams in the afternoon. So I didn't get out to the barn until the evening.

My plan was to ride Cisco, since he's usually pretty even-tempered and the worst he does is get fast. Phantom was going to need a play before I got on her again. Two days of standing under the shelter trying to stay out of the rain leaves her with way too much silliness.

When I slipped through the fence to grab Cisco, he came trotting up to me with his head up in the air. I haltered him, led him towards the gate, and he tried to bite me on the arm. Yeah, somebody else needed a chance to play.

There was definitely some sass in there.

And I was totally right about Phantom - she needed a good run.
According to her, she mostly needed to graze. Also - note the dirt on her back. I didn't feel like grooming.
So yeah. Not much happened through the week.

The good news is that I have another week of vacation coming up in 3 weeks. Maybe I'll achieve something that week. Other than napping.

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