Monday 10 June 2019

Horses Later.

There wasn't much happening on the horse front this weekend.

Well, my horses.
Phantom is happy to be neglected and covered in mud.

I taught 6 hours of up/down lessons on Saturday. I swung by to see my kids on the way home but was too exhausted to do anything more than feed them.
Almost at the barn on Saturday afternoon - this was the view out my left window.
Thankfully, I was turning right towards the blue skies.

On Sunday morning I managed to get in a very short ride on Phantom before teaching another lesson, and then heading home for a quick shower and off to work. I put in 25,000 steps for the day - and my feet felt it!
I really wanted to sleep in on Sunday morning too, Cisco, but somebody's got to work to make some money!
It was a late night on Sunday followed by an early morning on Monday, which meant that I sat on the couch for most of the evening in a somewhat comatose state watching Drag Race on Netflix. Real productive.
Kinda how I feel.
The rest of the week should be pretty clear starting on Wednesday, and then I have the week off next week.

So for now I rest and put my poor achy feet up and try not to buy anything online. I'll pay a vet bill instead.

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