Thursday 18 April 2019

Phantom's Annual Temporary Boob Job

Yes, it's that time of year again. Phantom's annual temporary boob job - aka annual vaccination.

Because she has always reacted without fail, I get her injected in her pectoral muscles in her chest. The next day she always has a large, hot, swollen lump.
Her left boob is the one that got jabbed.
I spend the next few days icing it, giving her bute and lots of cookies because she is usually feeling very sad and sorry for herself.

This year she doesn't seem quite as bad as previous years. There is still a very large lump - the side the injection was given on is definitely a d-cup instead of the normal b-cup. But she's walking only slightly slower than normal and when I took her out to graze her trot was forward and big and not a shuffly western jog. And I've barely seen her pathetic woe is me face.
Left is definitely bigger that the right.
The last few years I've had her done with the nasal flu/rhino vaccine and whatever to make up the rest. We do WEE/EEE, tetanus and West Nile Virus up here. It's been given as a single injection 6 way  the last two years if I don't do the nasal - it's still one injection, but I wonder if she would have a stronger reaction if there was more in there. I'll probably stick to the nasal and the 4 way to make up the rest for her.
My attempt to make a sling using bandages to hold the ice pack so I can use my time wisely.
Cisco seemed perfectly fine two days post-injection - he had no problem turning his head towards me standing by his hip. I'm going to try to ride him tomorrow night - Phantom will be off until early next week.
Not a pathetic face, but a questioning if I have a cookie face.

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