Friday 12 April 2019

Miscellaneous From the Week

Not much happened on the horse front this week.

I did get a ride in on Phantom on Sunday, and Cisco on Monday. Then it was farrier day on Wednesday, and work on Thursday. I'm hoping to get some decent rides in over the weekend, as next Tuesday is vaccination day. Phantom always needs a solid week off to allow her new double-d's to go back down to b cups (I have her poked in her chest instead of her neck) after annual vaccinations, so she'll get some vacay. Cisco needed a few days off last year before he was comfortable. Hopefully he's good for the next week when I'm on vacation!

So here are some random photo's that have been sitting on my phone.

Blankets are off, so tails are down! Phantom's will need a slight trim - and a wash. It's a bit yellowier than I would like it to be.

Phantom's hind legs were gross - full of mare gunk, pee and mud. I washed them off on Monday so the farrier wouldn't have to touch the grossness.
There's a saying that goes something like you should have a horse who's face you love to see over the stall door in the morning. I love this face. 

This is what happens when you try to zip up your jacket while riding a posting trot. You kind of get it, but not quite right.

I picked up a couple of Weatherbeeta rain sheets for a great price this winter. It's the same one, in the same colour, that I bought for Cisco a couple of years ago. So now my horses are twinsies!

At least half of the time that I go out to catch him, Cisco walks across the paddock to me. It gives me the warm fuzzies every time! Until he coughs in my face.


  1. LOL at zipping up the jacket when posting

    1. I was doing trot sets and got cold and I didn't want to stop!