Sunday 16 September 2018

Wet, Cold and Miserable

I've kind of been wallowing in a bit of a self pity party this week.

I had been working overnight shifts the last couple of weeks. Just long enough to get into a sleep all day sleep schedule. I've been off this week, and had great plans for the week, but I haven't been able to sleep properly. So I've been tired all week, and feeling crappy because of it (and likely hormones have contributed).

I was hoping to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and spend some time outside with the ponies. Except this happened.
A couple of miles from the barn on Thursday.

Yep, that's snow. In the second week of September. Most of the continent seems to be having an unseasonal heat wave. Not here.

It won't stay past the weekend, but we're supposed to get some more before it warms up. In the meantime, looking outside is giving me little incentive to do anything useful.

I made it out to the barn on Thursday afternoon (after a doctor's visit in which I found out I will need some tests done on my thyroid) and really just wanted to spend some time with my horses. I brought Phantom in first, decided she looked much too sassy, and took her over to the arena to let her loose to play. She was happy to oblige. 

After she finished zooming around, I was hoping to just hang out with her. You know, just put my arms around her neck and hang out there. Phantom wasn't in such a mood to reciprocate.

First, I had to go to her, she wouldn't come to me. Fine, whatever. I stood next to her and linked my hands on the top of her mane and rested my head on her neck. She gave me a whole 3 seconds before fairly adamantly backing away from me, to stand in front of me. So I went back to her and gave her a hug again. And again she gave me 3 seconds before backing up to stand in front of me. 

Then she dropped her head, took the couple of steps towards me, and put her nose against my chest. My heart melted. 

Until she nose-butted me in the stomach. And looked for the treats that she was hoping she knocked out of the dispenser. Cow. 

Cisco wasn't a whole lot better. He got to play for a bit in the arena also. And then he did his idiot dance in the barn. He's been doing that dance lately, I think it's because I keep bringing him in around dinner time. Since he and Phantom are both in diet pens, mealtimes are big deals to them. 
Time for warm clothes already.

The crap weather was supposed to continue through Sunday evening. Not so much snow, but rain with temperatures just above freezing. I bundled the kids up in lined blankets with hoods. They're getting damp, but since they're spending most of their time standing under their shelters they aren't doing too badly. Just storing up energy to be expelled when I get on them again. 


  1. I was so bummed about the snow! That cold weather seems to really zap my motivation.

    1. The watch Netflix under a blanket on the couch was much more appealing over the weekend!

  2. I read about the snow and thought how much that sucked! I'm sorry that you did not have a good day, but it will get better.

    1. My pity party was over by the weekend. I got some rides in and some sleep so I was feeling much better.

  3. I think I'd be crying. I'm not looking forward to snow to begin with. If it started in September, I think I'd move.

    1. We don't get floods, hurricanes, (many) tornadoes or earthquakes, and only bugs for four months a year. But we reliably get snow and cold. I still haven't decided if it's a fair trade-off.