Thursday 13 July 2017

We Trotted!

I had my first trot on Cisco today! It was on the lunge, and of course not very long, but yay us!

He forgot how to steer before that, and we worked on halt/walk transitions. Then after we trotted I wanted to do a few more minutes of walking, but he figured he should be done. So we needed some help to get him going again. He is showing to have more whoa than go at this point.

But the trot felt good, he felt fairly balanced under me. It looks like popping the shoulder out to the right is going to be his default move - I'm used to that with Phantom. Lots of riding straight around turns to the left in the future.

No pics or video as I was much more concerned about not dying. It appears that death is not inevitable so maybe tomorrow!

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