Friday 15 October 2021

Return of the Arab/Saddlebred/Llama Stallion

I managed to get out to the barn last night. I didn't have enough energy to ride - my ears were still plugged up and my sinuses were dry and uncomfortable, but at least I didn't have to blow my nose every 20 minutes.

The barn wasn't very busy for once on a Thursday night. The round pen was open so I decided that I would throw each horse in there for a few minutes so they could blow off some steam.

It was the right decision.

Cisco wasn't in there for very long before he spotted a couple of horses from the neighboring property being ridden towards the road. Cue instant arab/saddlebred/llama stallion.

His head was high. His tail was flagged. His snorts were ferocious. His canter resembled that of a French skunk.

Phantom wasn't a whole lot better. She took her time in the beginning looking for a place next to the fence to roll but made the smart decision not to. It just took a single flick of the whip to send her into a gallop. She hadn't had any Ventipulmin and was breathing pretty heavy so I had to end her fun well before she wanted to.

By the time I had gone for a short walk with each horse to cool them out, fed them their grain, and put out some more hay, I was done in. An hour and a half of fresh air sapped all the energy out of me.

I'm hoping to get on this weekend but there is a clinic both days during the day. I'll probably get their tails washed and put up for the winter instead. It looks like this might be the last weekend of double-digit temperatures - positive ones, at least.

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