Sunday 3 October 2021

Fall Riding

The barn that the ponies live at is surrounded by crop fields. I love the quietness of the area. 

Unfortunately, they don't make for usable hacking locations for most of the year. For some reason, farmers aren't appreciative of horses tramping down their crops, and thus, their hard-earned money. I mean, we do offer to fertilize as we go as payment, but it's still a no.

But once fall hits, and the crops have been removed, the fields start beckoning. 

I finally got out there on Monday with one of my barnmates. Both of us prefer to meander so it was a lovely ride. (Someone else had said on the Facebook post that she might join if we went for a gallop - not my thing in a field I don't know.) 

It was probably one of the last really nice days of the year, and by the time we went out the weather was just perfect for riding. 

The horses both behaved themselves nicely - well, until the turn for home for the other horse. He got a little bit dancey, but Cisco happily remained walking on a loose rein.

Nights are coming faster - it's now completely dark at about 8pm. I'll have to try to get out as often as I can over the next month as we will be stuck inside for 6 months all too soon.

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