Monday 17 May 2021

Another Month To Go

Early on Friday morning, I received a long awaited email - "Your new boots have arrived at the studio!".

Yay! Cue excitement!

That email was followed shortly by another email - "Just to confirm - you did order them to be fully sheepskin lined, right?".

Ummm, nope.

They are supposed to only have the sheepskin lined foot, not the whole leg.

"Oops." (I'm paraphrasing. That's not what they actually said.)

Boo. Cue disappointment.

They've got to remake the boots. So it's going to take another 4 weeks. 

Not the end of the world, the month will pass quickly. I didn't need them for a specific date and I have something to ride with in the meantime.

If you happen to know someone with super short legs (41cm/16") that are wide (39cm/15.3") with a larger than average foot size for their height (7.5/38) and who lives in a cold climate, let them know to keep an eye out for the Celeris sample sale for a great deal on a pair of winter boots.

I'll be watching them when they get added - I have a price in mind that I'd be willing to pay for them - probably about 70% off.

In the meantime, the new pair better be worth the wait and fit perfectly!


  1. Almost my size! But we don't get cold enough to justify fancy winter boots. I hope your new ones are made lightning fast!

    1. I don't really need winter boots either - I have to wear long johns anyways so my legs are never cold. And I wouldn't want two pairs that look the same. But if they are cheap enough, I'd bite.