Thursday 18 March 2021

Bad Angles

 As my video showed from my last post, I managed to get Cisco out for the first outside ride of the year on Tuesday evening. I rushed straight out from work in the hopes that I could get out before we lost the light, tacked up super fast (for me - it's kinda a running joke as to how long it takes me to groom and tack up) and we were able to get in about 25-30 minutes of wandering around the yard and driveways.

My friend T and I are kind of like 12-year-old girls when we are putzing around outside, so once we determined that the horses weren't going to put us in hospital the cell phones came out to take pictures of each other. 

T is probably 8" taller than me. Her horse is probably 8" taller than Cisco. 

This does not create a great angle for a picture of someone who is shorter in stature. Even worse when that someone is standing slightly in a ditch.

Thus, I present to you, me riding a corgi horse.


One day I'll get a picture of me looking elegant on a horse. One day.

In the meantime, I'll laugh my head off at myself.


  1. I think you both look cute. 😁

  2. i love any picture where horse and rider look as happy as you guys!! elegance is overrated imho LOL