Tuesday 21 January 2020

Warmer, But Still Cold

I managed to get one horse ridden on Monday. I apparently thought it was far warmer out than it actually was so I didn't dress appropriately and was frozen before I even got on. I was much later getting out to the barn than I had hoped as I had to wait around all day for the phone company guy to come and upgrade my internet. Thus the window of nice weather was gone by the time I got out to the barn.

 Phantom was the lucky victim. This was her first ride in two months so I didn't really have any expectations for her. Since this is the time of year that she has a history of tying-up, I always start her back super slow. For the first few rides we'll be doing 1 minute trot sets.

This eye kept falling shut post-ride. I couldn't decide if she was tired or if her eye was bugging her. And holy crap does she look dirty and unkempt!

She behaved through them all, though I'm pretty sure she would have been happy to do more. I was a little concerned with how stiff she felt when I first got on and we walked around, but she came out of it surprisingly quickly and felt pretty even at a trot. Fingers crossed that the time off she had has done her some good.

 I was far too cold to make myself ride again. That's a problem in winter for me - once my thighs feel like they are frozen through I don't wanna play anymore. Thus I'm putting a rush on getting my riding skirt completed. It's about 70% done - I have to go for another fitting to sort the waistband out, and that's about all there is left. I'm hoping to have it for my rides on Thursday or Friday nights. Then I'll just need to take a second shirt out with me to change into between horses and I won't be able to use the cold excuse anymore.

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