Friday 10 January 2020

Now Entering the Arctic Dome

I'm glad I got in a couple of rides last week. It's not going to be happening again for a bit.
I saw a Facebook post by a Canadian tack store complaining about -10 and laughed and laughed.
I, of course, have all next week off. Guess I might end up with a clean house and clean tack by the end of it. (Probably not though.)

On Sunday I went out to the barn orginally with the intention of hopping on Phantom for her first ride back. But as I was getting dresssed I thought screw it. I'd get one crappy ride on her before the cold hit (it actually hit earlier this week, and we also had a bunch of snow to go with it).
My car read -31 on my drive home from the barn on Thursday evening when I went out to bundle the kids up.

She's been having fun and looking pretty good when I've let her loose in the arena. Also, she's been pretty full of sass.

I used her on that day to help someone check out their lunging skills. Phantom would have happily been very silly on the lunge but I had that shut down pretty quickly as the arena was quite busy.
Just a bit of an awkward position.
Cisco got some time in the arena with his best bud Blue.

There's not going to be much horse stuff happening over the next 10 days or so. I'll definitely have a crafty day, try to remember to bring some tack home to clean, and try to find a way to set up my Pixio so that I can send in information from it to find out why it's not working properly.

There will also be far too much time spent on the internet and Netflix. I guess I will end up very rested by the end of the week!


  1. My friend in Whitehorse told it was -32 there and I just can’t fathom that. Ugh

    1. It hits a certain temperature and it all feels the same after that. Probably somewhere around -32. Unless there's significant wind...

  2. I keep seeing your forecasts on the news - this cold snap is crazy! Stay warm!

    1. It's easy to stay warm when you don't have to leave the house. The forecast is looking better though - only one daytime high below -30, not 5 in a row! I mean, the rest of the days are -28 or -29, so it's still far from warm!

  3. Eek - we have dodged those types of temps so far in Eastern ON, but I'm sure it is coming for us. We are just getting rain/freezing rain/snow combos, which is also "special"