Tuesday 3 July 2018

Question for Equisense Bloggers

Let me start off by saying that working all day, then heading out to ride two horses and not getting home until 11 pm is not conducive to getting blog posts written up.

 For those who have an Equisense sensor - how accurate do you think the symmetry measures up on your rides?

I'm trying to figure it out. Phantom has been feeling great the last few rides, but the symmetry score is not telling the same story.
Most recent ride. Overall score of 6.5. I rode with my faux-Equicube for the first part of the ride.

Now, I do think that she is getting closer to needing her hocks injected. But the only signal of this that she is giving me is occasional crankiness when tightening the girth (her hocks show up in her back). And her toe did break up a bit before her shoe got replaced last week, so she might not be feeling 100% of that foot.

Sunday's stretchy ride. Overall score 7.1. Note the spikes.

When I ride I move her around laterally quite a bit. A lot of leg yields, lots of changes of direction, lots of trying to bring the shoulder in. Have you found that days where you do lots of lateral work results in lower symmetry scores?

One of our June rides in a hoof boot. Overall score 7.6.

And do you end up with high spikes through your ride?

Note the spikes. Overall score 7.3. This was about a week after an Ichon injection (Canadian version of Pentosan). The high was 9.5, and dropped down to a 4.8 a couple of minutes later.

Just trying to figure out what this data means. I really need to add notes after my rides as to what I did and how it felt. But it probably means that I have a lame horse!


  1. Dante normally scores in the mid 8's and his score will be down for the sections of ride that include lateral work. We do have high spikes but overall they aren't too wildly high in comparision to our average (so an average ride of 8.4 will have a spike around 8.8 or 9 and a low score of 8.3 or 7.9, though last ride I managed a 2.8 low score on one segment and I cannot tell you why lol) Our lateral work is so basic right now so I can't really compare against more advanced flatwork.

    1. Cisco's scores tend to be much steadier, without a large deviation from high to low (unless he's doing some fake fancy prancing because of stress). On him the goal tends to be working on staying rhythmic, though I'm starting to add some simple lateral work with him. Not sure if the more consistent number is due to not asking for much due to training level or because he's younger and thus likely sounder.

  2. Yah I've noticed that if I'm doing a lot of lateral work, TC's symmetry score goes down. Also anything that's a bit tough- on the days we do half steps, we score much lower. He scores the best when I let him bomb around on the forehand so I take it with a grain of salt. If he were to suddenly drop way down for a few days then I'd get nervous.

    1. Phantom's scores haven't been as high lately and I wonder if it is her hocks starting to show up. I plan to get them injected in a month or so (provided her respiratory issues don't pop up and cost me to many $$) and I'm interested to see how that affects the symmetry score.

  3. My symmetry score is all over the place all the time. I wish I could post screenshots because we have gotten a 0 and an 8 in the same ride. I wish I knew what caused the zero.

    That being said I have noticed a dip in the score as he is working more correctly. I think it is because he working harder and his natural unevenness is more likely to show up. For awhile we were trending close to seven but lately it has been closer to 5. There is nothing physical going on (that I’m aware of) and he feels really good which is why I came to my above conclusion.

    1. I wonder about that for Phantom too - she has been offering big (for her) forward trots in many of my rides these days. They feel fine, but the score doesn't seem to reflect that. At times when she is loose and being silly and trotting big I think she looks very slighty uneven, but hey, she's 15. She's lasted longer than my last two horses!