Wednesday 18 July 2018

Time to Work

On Tuesday evening I took my first lesson on Cisco. And it was fantastic!

I was admittedly not looking forward to this lesson all day. Not because of what I would have to work on, but because it was stinking hot out and I was going to have to ride during the heat. It was 30 celsius, and felt about 32. I melt in this type of heat. I wasn't sure how I would make out.
Blech. I shouldn't have to leave the air conditioner in this weather. 
I asked if we could ride inside just to stay out of the sun. It was definitely cooler inside than outside, but we were still a sweaty mess by the time we were finished.

We started off on a 20m circle asking him for flexion and to come a bit round at a walk. I've been working on this, so it went pretty well. A bit of ping-ponging from side to side if I changed the flexion on a circle, so I'll definitely have to work on that.

Then we picked up a trot. And Cisco became a bit of a giraffe. I was asked to make him rounder. I said, "ummm.... we don't do that yet".

So guess what the whole lesson was? Asking him to start to become round at a trot. Time to put him to work!

And he was super! Tons of moments of him dropping his head and neck, and even times when it happened with a half-halt on my outside rein. He had his thinking cap on for the whole ride, with his ears constantly swiveling back to me.
Sadly, no media from the ride - just a pic of a very sweaty pony pre-post ride shower.
I have to work on keeping my hands lower, stiller, thumbs on top, play with the inside rein, keep my elbows opening and closing, and my leg more forward. At best, I can get 2 things at a time. As soon as I think about a third I lose one of the things I was doing. So much thinking!

I am starting to think that maybe that Bombers Happy Tongue bit is a miracle bit. During the previous couple of rides I had moments that I thought were going the right direction. Tonight during the lesson I was able to create the moments.

This lesson was just what I wanted - a kick in the butt to start putting Cisco to work. I have the skills, I just need confirmation that it's okay to up my expectations of him.

(And I may have been told that he's too fat. I still think he's very well-sprung, but apparently, a fat roll gave him away. Turnout situation likely to change soon.)

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  1. I don't mind riding in the heat but it really depends on the humidity. It sounds like a great lesson and just what you needed!