Tuesday 22 May 2018

Phantom's Quinceanara

Monday was Phantom's 15th birthday!
The birthday girl is not amused.
Hard to believe that I've known her for almost 9 years already.
Still not amused.
To celebrate her birthday, I made pony popsicles for each of the kids.
Really not amused when the wind turned her into a unicorn.
I chopped up some apples, carrots and bananas, and split a litre of unsweetened apple juice between the two. They went into the freezer overnight. I don't think they were quite frozen through, but there were no complaints.
pony popsicle

Phantom isn't going to be happy with her birthday present this year - she's getting a summer vacation to fat camp (aka. a paddock that doesn't have a round bale in it). She's had a bit of a cough the last couple of rides, and let's face it - that crest on her neck isn't muscle. She'll get moved on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Cisco is going to be lost without her, although she'll just be across the driveway.

Happy Birthday Gray Mare!
Phantom as a funny looking baby (from her registration papers).


  1. ha she looks so enthused!! happy bday Phantom!

  2. What interesting markings she had as a baby! Happy Birthday Phantom!