Wednesday 23 May 2018

More Posting

I had Pony Grandma take some video of my ride on Phantom over the weekend where I was again focusing on my rising trot biomechanics.

I don't know if a single screenshot shows much difference, but here goes. (Note that in all of these pictures, I was solely focusing me going up and down, so my reins are too long, and my hands to close to my body, and I couldn't care less about what Phantom was doing as long as she was trotting.)

For video purposes, I did a circle in my "normal" way, then a circle with my leg a bit more under me, then I stood in my stirrups, and afterwards did another circle with my leg where it needed to be when I stood in the sweet spot.

This would be my "normal" posting. It has definitely changed from how I used to ride, and it's nice to see my right leg under me versus in front of me. But I am putting some weight in my stirrups, and using the muscles in my butt to lift me out of the saddle. 

On the second circle, I brought my leg back a bit more. It felt like quite a bit more, but as seen in the pictures, it isn't much difference. My heels are up as I am trying to keep from pressing too much weight into my stirrups, but once I find my right spot I do need to work on leveling out my feet again.

Then I stood in the saddle. Note how far back my leg has to be to find the secure position. This blows my mind. Yet if it is at all further forward, I can't keep my balance. I actually should have still been a bit taller here. 

But this is the result after standing. It feels so much easier (until my thighs start burning, then it's really hard). I think I look taller (probably wishful thinking on my part). I also think I look super in balance. Not that the other pictures look terribly out of balance, this one just looks solid.

In going through the video in slow-mo to find the above shots, I see that when I sit in the saddle I seem to be closing my hip angle more than I probably should. 

This was on the third circle, which was the good circle. 

But this was mostly what I saw throughout the video:

It just doesn't look as strong to me. I will need to think about keeping my shoulders down and back a bit more, and the feeling of keeping my hip angle open even while sitting. I am trying to get a squatting feeling, but I can't keep it. Once everything starts to click without having to think about it I can also shorten my reins and carry my hands towards the mouth a bit better, and that might help too.

I've given up on ever having a long, elegant position. Short, round thighs that have to get around wide (fat) horses don't lead to elegance. I will settle for a solid, correct position. From looking at the pictures, there isn't much of a difference to the "look", but man, there is a huge difference to the feel.


  1. lol i've also given up on looking "elegant" in the saddle and will settle for correct. damn but it's still so hard tho!!! also btw love those breeches!

  2. Biomechanics are hard yo! For keeping my hip angle more open visualizing lifting through it really helps me out, otherwise I'm in the closed hip angle club all day.