Wednesday 21 December 2022


 This winter feels like it should be almost over, but it's barely just begun.

The arena is no where near ready to use yet. It's pretty well just the metal siding and roof that need to go on before we'll be able to ride in it, but the contractors are behind schedule due to a variety of reasons, the current one being freezing cold.

We're in our third (fourth?) cold snap of the season already. The last couple of days have been no warmer than -30 Celsius (plus windchill, so in the -40's). Even if the arena was ready, no one would be using it at the moment. All we are doing is trying to stay warm up here.

And here's how I do that when needing to go outside when it feels -44 degrees out - my Catching Horses Outfit Of The Day.

This is what I've been wearing this week:

I know, so stylish, right? Jealous?

What you can see:

  • Eddie Bauer down filled parka (admittedly not as warm as it should be based on it's original price. Good thing I got it for something like 60% off)
  • My fleece lined riding skirt
  • MuckBoots Arctic boots (only need a single pair of regular socks in these)
  • A fleece-lined toque (knitted cap or beanie for the non-Canadians)
  • A polar fleece neck warmer that I will pull over my nose
  • Head ski gloves (kid sized that I picked up at Costco this fall for $8)
The cat discovered the heated vest and was determined to stay draped over my shoulder.

What you can't see:
  • A long sleeved T-shirt
  • A polar fleece turtleneck top 
  • Heated vest (Santa came early this year)
  • Under Armor base layer 3.0 long underwear
  • Kerrits Sit Tight Wind Pro breeches
Wearing all this is what it takes to stay warm for the 10 minutes outside it takes to bring a horse in.

It is, of course, way too warm to wear inside, so the outside layers have to be stripped off in the barn and put back on again to head back out. 

Thankfully, the current cold snap looks like it should be over in a couple of days. It might even be warm enough to ride next week! 

I saw -1 in the forecast for next week - please be right!

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