Tuesday, 7 December 2021

'Tis the Season

 'Tis the season when I work too much and the ponies get a lazy vacation.

I've barely done anything with them for the last month. About once a week I manage to get out to see them and make sure limbs are pointing in the appropriate directions and make my best guess as to how many blanket layers they should be wearing based on the forecast for the next few days. Until tonight, I haven't even managed to get them into the arena for a run as it has either been too busy or stupid early when I've been out.

Cisco is pretty sure that he's now a feral horse and is convinced that leading and tying is more of a suggestion than a requirement. Of course, his version of being bad is pretty tame - mostly sticking his hooves in his ears and going "lalala I can't hear you" and doing the idiot dance in the barn. Thankfully, he remembered that he has manners and was a perfect gentleman for the farrier last week.

I made it through the Black Friday sales relatively unscathed. Not totally though. I picked up the newish Knix zipper front Catalyst sports bra for a good price - so far I'm liking it, though I haven't ridden with it yet.

I also ordered some winter riding boots from Greenhawk that I'm hoping will work for me. They look like they're shorter than normal tall boot height, and they are laced down the front, so the chance of them fitting my short, wide legs is a bit higher than normal. I tried to get them last year but they never had my size, so I was happy to see them available, on sale (only $65!),  and both possibilites for my size in-stock. I ordered both the size 7 and 8 as I usually wear a 7.5, so we'll see which pair fits best and return the other ones.

So , yeah. Not much happening here. 

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their ponies and that those on either side of the continent are safe from the flooding. Believe me - we're not complaing too loudly about the dump of snow we had last week!

Playing with my new action camera... I think I need a longer selfie stick.


  1. It's definitely that time of year! I'm interested in the Greenhawk boots review - I was eying those up too!

    1. Here's a spoiler for the boots - the height is short people friendly!