Thursday, 23 September 2021

Canadians Senior Horse Owners - Free Offer!

Canadian horse owners - do you wonder if your senior horse has Cushings? 

The only way to know is to have bloodwork done - and bloodwork is never cheap.

But - you might be in luck - your horse might qualify for a free blood test!

Boehringer Ingleheim is currently offering free blood tests (performed by your veterinarian) to see if your horse has PPID. You can go to their website, learn about PPID, and fill in the request form. If it's approved, they will pay for the bloodwork. You'll still have to pay for whatever else your vet charges you for at the time (like travel), but hey, it's something!

Now, it's not all altruistic on the part of Boehringer Ingleheim - after all, they are the manufacturer of the medication Prascend which is used to treat Cushings. But if you are like me, and have a senior horse that is always the last horse to shed out in the spring, it might be a good opportunity to find out if your concerns are justified.

Phantom did qualify for the free test, so it looks like a trip to the clinic will be coming up in the next month - the offer is only good until October 28th. 

Click here for the link!

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