Wednesday 14 April 2021

The Last Week in Pictures

I've been out to the barn after work quite a bit lately- which means no time to write up blog posts.  So here is a week in review in pictures post instead.

Friday - beautiful evening, I rode Cisco outside in the field and had a lovely ride. He was sweaty enough that I had to hose him off and we stood in the evening sun to dry off while he ate his dinner.
Saturday - the forecasted chance of snow turned into a full-on blizzard that I had to drive into after work.
I stopped off at the grocery store on my way home because I was not leaving once I arrived. This was in my car in the parking lot.

Cisco's new Lemieux Acoustic Ears bonnet arrived. It fits much better than the BR one we have been using.
I had another wonderful ride. The Equibands are making a difference!

Tuesday - I had planned to ride but I apparently overtightened my girth the day before and Cisco was a bit sensitive behind his elbows so I decided not to tack him up. 
I had found a mark where the girth strap lies in each side after the previous ride. I know that I was surprised that the girth went up an extra hole when getting ready to get on - I usually try, and if it doesn't go up easily I don't make it happen. Cue guilty horse mom moment.
We did some useful groundwork instead, then I put him into the new roundpen to work on something else. He started off quiet, then someone walked a mare past him to her pen and he decided he was a now an Arabian stallion. 
Can you see the difference the Equibands are making? Lol. 

Phantom decided that she is going to lose all her winter hair in the next couple of days.
Wednesday - Farrier day. Unfortunately,  since so many people are working from home these days, they kept showing up to hold their horses instead of getting the barn person to do so. So there was a wait list until my guys could get done.
No worries, I had the day off so I took Cisco for a quick spin before he got his toes trimmed.
Then Phantom got her new custom shoes. As custom shoes do, it took a while until the fit was perfect, which is hard for a princess to approve.
Her eye looks sore but it's just a bit more pink than usual from the sun. She is now sporting her sunglasses as the next few days are supposed to be beautiful. 

Then she got tacked up and we went for a stroll. She needed snacks for her walk.
And to top off the day, I took this fantastic picture of Phantom mid-cookie begging.
I might get a bit of a break this weekend between family commitments and more potential snow (which means I won't be able to ride as the arena is booked for a clinic) but next week is a staycation so hopefully I'll manage to do some proper write-ups!


  1. Yay for staycations (and adorable cookie faces)!

    1. I wouldn't call that cookie face adorable! But it makes me laugh, which is even better!
      I have so many things to do on my staycation that I will likely need a real vacation afterwards.