Monday 26 April 2021

The End of the Staycation

Phantom is continuing to deal with her enlarged boob. She's guaranteed to need at least 7 days after her vaccinations every year. She's being her normal Princess and the Pea self - with a blanket on she minces along at a walk, take the blanket off and she is happy to walk forward and go for a trot next to me. Nighttime temperatures are still feeling well under freezing, but I changed her into her unlined rainsheet from her lined Rambo shell in the hopes that it wasn't so tight across her chest (by which I mean it isn't tight at all).

Cisco, though, was good to take for a spin on Saturday evening. He was still a bit sensitive when I groomed his neck so I didn't have solid plans for the ride, it was going to be a get on and see how he felt kind of ride.

I felt like I was forgetting something when I walked back to Cisco to put his bridle on. And then realized while doing up his bridle I forgot his soundproof ear cover. Oh, well, guess it was going to be a good day to test the difference (he spooked like 3 times at the beginning of the ride, he hasn't spooked since he started wearing them inside).

He felt perfectly fine at a walk and trot, maybe struggled a wee bit with the left lead canter. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just did a large circle, because I had one thing I was hoping to do - ride with the flag!

I'd say that he wasn't at all bothered by it, but his mouth got pretty busy, so there was likely some stress going through his brain. But he was a super boy about it. We walked and trotted with the flag, first unfurled just a little bit, then about halfway. Our biggest problem was trying to steer with one hand - guess I really haven't done that on him! He figured it out after the first couple of laps. 

It wasn't until I was in the saddle and something felt different that I realized I had also forgotten to put on my half chaps. The tops of my boots kept getting stuck under something (saddle pad or flap?) so short ride it was!

I didn't push it and stopped while things were going well. I don't anticipate that he'll be concerned when the flag is fully unfurled, but I will have to start at the beginning when I switch it to my right hand. Then, canter - which will probably mean more steering issues!

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