Saturday 2 January 2021

New Year Who Dis?

 Welcome to 2021!

Cisco modeled his tiny Christmas hat.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's. Mine was quiet and relaxing. My province is in a partial lockdown - there is no social gathering allowed, inside or outside. Because I live alone I was allowed to visit one household over the holidays so I went to my parent's house, but I didn't have to visit with anyone else. It was lovely. Totally stress-free. 

Phantom also modeled, but she was being the high-maintenance type of model.

I went out to the barn on Christmas afternoon and gave the ponies their Christmas treats - Oatmeal Creme Pies. It was their first time tasting them - ooh, they liked them.

Cisco - "yeah, that'll do".

Phantom was all "what is this magic in my mouth and where is the next one?".

I was hoping to go for a Christmas day ride but I got out to the barn a bit later than planned because I had to sit in front of the computer for 1pm. Celeris was selling 25 discount codes for their custom boots and I wanted one. 

Despite some screw-ups in placing my order (put it in my cart, went to the payment page, saw the line to enter a discount code, thought "do I need to put in a discount code to get the discount code?", went back to read the directions again, nope, didn't need a discount code, managed to put a second deposit into my cart so had to delete one before submitting my payment) I got one of the 25% off codes. Apparently, they sold out in something like 47 seconds so I was happy that I got the 25% and not the bigger discount or free boots that went to the first three people to get their payments in. Now I've committed to fancy boots!

The ponies have been getting some saddle time over the last couple of weeks. Cisco's first ride after the break was a gong show - he spooked (big spooks) every time a pigeon farted in the arena. Those pigeons must have been eating beans because there were a lot of spooks. He totally redeemed himself on the next ride though so he gets to stay.

Phantom felt great on her first ride - in both the amount of energy she had and in how she moved. I hadn't given her any Previcox as I wanted to see what she felt like without it. The second ride didn't feel quite as good but not too bad once her trot warmed up. We're not doing much - lots of walking and short trots at the moment. We'll work our way back up slowly with her history of tying up at this time of year. 

The weather is supposed to be decent over the next couple of weeks - by which I mean cold, not freezing cold. I'm going to try my best to get out lots to get some rides in before the inevitable deep freeze sets in. It's winter in Alberta, it has to happen!

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  1. Happy New Year! The ponies are sure enjoying the treats.