Monday 16 March 2020

Aye Corona!

What a difference a week makes in the world.

I'm talking about the coronavirus, of course. It's all anyone is talking about.

The number of confirmed cases rose overnight by almost 50% (from 39 cases to 56). Still not that many overall, but it's just starting.
Mother Nature went off the wagon again this weekend and the temperatures plummeted back down to the -20's. The kids had to wear their puffy snowsuits again.
Some of these new cases are not due to travel, as all of the other cases have been. So, as I'm writing this, the province has new restrictions in place.

All school classes are canceled until further notice. Also daycares and out of school care are to be closed. That's going to cause some problems.

No gatherings of over 250 people. This now includes places of worship, though shopping centres are still exempt.

I do not have a job that I can do from home. So I'll still have to be dealing with people face to face on a daily basis.

Horsewise, how it has already affected me:

The restriction on gatherings went into effect on Thursday. I was supposed to attend a tack sale on Saturday to try to sell some stuff - that was canceled. No extra income for me.

I had picked up a weekend of teaching when the regular instructor took some clients to a horseshow next weekend. The show has just been canceled. No extra income for me.

I'm pretty sure that the Mane Event at the end of April will also be cancelled. This was my only planned "vacation" away from home this year (a whole 1 day) and I was going to be substitute teaching again. No extra income or extra fun for me.

I bought a bridle online, sight unseen. Retail therapy. Extra expense for me.
Cisco may regret his decision to molt this early.

I can justify that one (in my mind, at least). It's at the local consignment store, which is moving at the end of the month. So there was an additional 15% off sale.

The bridle is a Bobby's English Tack black double bridle, new with tags. I so don't need the double bridle aspect of it, but I've been keeping an eye out for a spare bridle in black as all my other spare tack is brown. It has a normal cavesson noseband which I like, but it doesn't have a monocrown, which I would prefer. However, I really liked the price - $78 with tax.

I'll just remove the bradoon hanger and find some different reins to put on it and it will be good to go.

I sure hope all these restrictions don't last too long. My inner introvert is loving this whole social distancing thing, but I must not let my inner tack ho take control!

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  1. You never know- you might need a double at some point. :) So it's good to have. Corona is affecting everything right now.