Tuesday 3 March 2020

Annual Signs of Spring

Spring is coming.

Cisco says so.
Cisco hair pre-ride.

More Cisco hair post-ride.

This is also time for my annual panic that Phantom has Cushing's. She gets very fluffy during the winter and I swear that she's the last horse on the property to start shedding every spring. Thus, every spring, I fret that this is the year she'll be diagnosed with Cushing's. She'll be 17 this year, stuff is going to start to pop up.
This is where Phantom was groomed. If you zoom in really, really close, you  might manage to count the 50 or so hairs that came off her body.

Inevitably she starts shedding in earnest sometime in April. And emerges with a normal summer coat. And I can forget about Cushing's until the next year.


  1. LOL, I do the same thing with Bridget until she eventually sheds toward the end of April. Fingers crossed hard no Cushings for either of them for life!