Monday 13 August 2018

Cool = Idiocy

We had melty weather at the end of last week - low to mid-30's from Wednesday through Friday. Thus ponies got some time off - after their farrier appointment on Wednesday morning, I parked my butt in places that had air conditioning. Those places include my kitchen (window air conditioner), my car (which has fantastic a/c), Ikea (try the berry cheesecake, so good!), the Nike outlet store (2 pairs of running shoes for work on sale for an additional 30% off!), the huge mall in town that I only go to once a year (way too people-y), and the movie theater (so many fantastic Pooh-isms in Christopher Robin).
Pony pedi's.

Then, in typical Alberta form, the temperature plummeted over the weekend. It rained from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. The temperature dropped over the weekend, with a projected low of 6 C on Sunday night. That's only 6 degrees above freezing. In the second week of August.

The good news is that the heat hasn't kicked on in the house yet, although I'm sitting underneath a heated blanket to type this blog on Sunday evening. I have a feeling that the heat might need to be on to get me out of bed on Monday morning!

You know what else happens when the temperatures drop?

Horses turn into idiots.
Idiots who finally figured out how to play with their Jolly Ball.
On Saturday night I tacked Cisco up to get a ride in. He was a complete turd at the mounting block - would not stand still at all. So I hooked him up to the lunge line. Which turned out to be the right decision, as after about the 10th circle he leapt into canter, and spent the next 3 circles porpoising with straight legs. I haven't seen him do that since the first time he wore a saddle.

At a trot on the lunge he kept doing this straight leg up and down instead of forward trot. Which just sent me into giggles. He was trying so hard to be bad, but he doesn't really know how.

Guess who stood perfectly still at the mounting block after being lunged? He almost stood on top of the block, he was so determined to stand where I wanted him.

I was planning on just walking Cisco off after I got on, but decided to do a bit of trot. There was nothing at all exciting about it, it was more so your brain can get back in your head kind of stuff.

Phantom also had some extra pep in her step that night. I was planning to use her the next day to teach someone how to lunge a horse, and figured it might be best to let her blow off extra energy first. She lunges very well but can get a bit silly when she's full of herself. She was just let free in the arena to run around.
A face only a mother can love.
I must say, she is looking really good these days. I don't mean actual looks, as she is super dirty and has scabs all over one side of her body from last week. She just looks super comfortable in her body. She had a huge overtrack at a trot and is cantering nicely uphill. It's been over a year since she had her hocks injected, and I ran out of Ichon in April or May. I still want to get her hocks done before winter as I don't want to trailer over the winter if I can avoid it, but I think I will wait until late-September or October.
Yeah, this doesn't look good. 
The cool weather isn't going to last - we're looking at 19 C on Monday and right back up again to 27 on Tuesday. I'm planning to ride Cisco in a lesson on Tuesday evening, so hopefully the idiocy will be melting out of his brain by that point.


  1. The cooler weather definitely brings out the silliness!

  2. omgosh but gray horses sure know how to get super dirty tho haha!

    1. It's well known they have to camouflage themselves from predators.

  3. She's actually just a different kind of paint horse now lol