Friday 22 June 2018


We are in the midst of another heat wave. Not crazy heat like what the southern states get, but 27/28 C with 17 hours of sun make for long warm days for us. I'm writing this on Thursday, which is the summer solstice. The sun rises at 5:04am and sets at 10:07 pm, so it isn't dark dark until close to 11pm. Long summer evenings are a great trade-off for the cold winters we have to endure. (I went to Florida one year in July and it was super weird to be pitch black at 8:30pm.)
Her boyfriend stands guard.

Last week I kept disrupting Phantom's mid-day naps. She likes to spend lots of time in the shelter when it's warm.

I usually end up right on top of her before she wakes up.

When it's warm like it has been, I agree with her about the afternoon naps. Wake me up when it cools off so I can do something!

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  1. I love catching my horses taking midday summer naps 😊 there's something so soothing and peaceful about it!