Monday 11 June 2018

Driving Lessons

Friday was icky and hot, we were supposed to get a decent storm on Saturday evening, and then rain all day Sunday and Monday. One of the things I want to do this week while I'm off on vacation was deathbox trailer loading practice, so I figured Friday night would be my best bet to get it done at least once this week.

I borrowed the truck and took Pony Grandma out to help me. We hooked up, grabbed both ponies, and loaded everyone up with bug spray.
All aboard!
Phantom travels pretty well. She is probably better by herself than she is when with Cisco. But she's a pretty good babysitter, so I've been using her as a lure for Cisco.

Today I started off by asking Cisco to get on the trailer by himself first. It took a minute or so, and a couple of taps of the whip, but then he stood pretty quietly (with me leading him on). I didn't do him up by himself in there, I'll leave that for next time.
Let's roll.
Then I put Phantom on, and put Cisco back on, with everyone done up. I put their food in a bucket in front of them and put the ramp up. They both stood nice and quietly eating their grain. I left them to settle for a few minutes and figured I might as well go for a drive.
Boy horse ears in the window.
So I drove. A whole 30 meters.
Girl horse ears in the window.
Both horses came off the trailer pretty nicely. And we were done. Another baby step to success!
Happily eating noms.
I'm hoping the weather is decent for at least a couple of days this week so that I can try again. Next time I think I'll take them for a road trip - we'll loop around the barn.

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