Wednesday 26 April 2023

Slowly Getting Going Again

 I'm still working on getting back into regular riding these days. I just haven't been feeling it - after daily visits for Cisco's abscess, followed by most of another week of visits to deal with Phantom's annual vaccination reaction, not to mention my sore body (first piriformis pain, then an unhappy back), I've been a bit worn out. 

I got a couple of rides in last week, and even got the Pixio to work in the new arena without issue. I always had a problem getting it happily set up in the old arena, but so far I'm 2 for 2 in the new space. 

The rides haven't been much to talk about. Cisco isn't fit, but he has been relaxed even when by himself inside. The connection isn't consistent, which will get better as he gets fitter and stronger, so I'm not concerned about it. The rides have been concentrating on getting him to keep his neck long and moving laterally off my leg. 

Cisco looks like an oversized pony after the winter.

I'm also not fit and wish I would sit up more.

The long neck at the canter, especially the left lead, is a bit harder, but at least I'm not pulling back!

If you look carefully, you might make out the grimace of pain on my face when Cisco took a bobble step and the spot in my back that's been sketchy got tweaked. 

I've been off this week and have made a point about letting my body rest, by which I mean I've spent far too much time sitting on my ass on the couch, but it seems to have done my body good. My back has been feeling much better the last couple of days.

Wednesday is also the last planned thing for the horses at the moment as Cisco gets his teeth floated. After that, it should be smooth sailing and we can all get back into a riding routine. (Runs to find the nearest piece of wood to knock on.)


  1. I’m glad you are getting going again. I hope your back improves soon.

    1. It's been feeling better... fingers crossed it stays that way after this weekend!

  2. Looking good and I hope you're feeling better soon!