Friday 31 March 2023

The Reason I Am Currently Exhausted

When last we left off, Cisco had a maybe hoof abscess so Phantom was being forced to come out of retirement and put up with me on her back a few days a week.

The only thing that has changed is that the maybe abscess turned into a definite abscess. Phantom, much to her dismay, is still getting ridden three days a week.

I actually got a couple of rides on Cisco between the abscess being a maybe and a definite. He was surprisingly relaxed after a couple of weeks off (probably because there were other horses in the arena) and on the second ride he ended the ride stretching his neck nicely forward and down.

So of course he was hopping lame the next night.

We did the whole usual abscess protocol. At this point, he's sound and there's been no goop coming out of his foot for a few days, but he's still sporting the Vetrap/duct tape/ disposable diaper boot. He sees the farrier at the end of next week and I want confirmation that it has keratinized enough that we won't risk starting all over again before he gets to go out barefoot - I'm exhausted from having to go out every night to rewrap his foot and would really like to be able to  take a couple of days off.

I actually hopped on him today for a 20 minute walk ride while sporting the boot. He was surprisingly relaxed again, even though he was by himself this time, and confidently marched into every corner of the arena, where he got either a cookie or a wither scritch as a reward. Despite his bravery under saddle, as soon as I hopped off he immediately did the "I see dead people" stare into the far end of the arena.

Phantom has been hanging isnthere.  I'm still nebulizing her with dex before our ride, which seems to work better on some days than others. Our rides are about 30 minutes with about 5 minutes total of trot. She's sassy and ready to go while I'm on her, but as soon as I'm off she just wants to nap.

Too tired to move - at least untiI I wander out of site.

I foresee that things will go much the same way for the next week until farrier day, and then hopefully I can get a couple of days away from the barn before the horses get their vaccinations and required days off right after Easter.

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