Saturday, 23 April 2022

Remember Me?

 Hi there. It's been a while.

I've had a couple of posts mostly written up, but for whatever reason (no internet for a few days, Google Photos not co-operating) I just haven't gotten around to getting them posted.

Or Windows updates when I only have a short time to blog before bed.

Not that much has been happening to write about. 

Just lots of napping happening.

So much napping.

The ponies had their spring vaccinations, which resulted in the annual swollen boobage for Phantom. Cisco was also a bit more sore than usual this year, so they both got most of a week off of riding.

Cisco had some wonky man-boobs this year.

At that same vet appointment Phantom was kind enough to empty my bank account - all on horse drugs. I had to get some more Ventipulmin and Prascend for her, which brought my bill to over $700 - and it wasn't even for the good kind of drugs.

The week after the vet visit was busy with my work schedule, farrier, and a day trip to the Horse Expo, but since I was off the next week, no biggie. I was going to have lots of time to ride the next week. 

Except that I woke up on the first day of my vacation with the start of a head cold, which meant skipping Easter dinner with the family, and having to stick a swab up my nose to see if I had the 'vid. Three tests over four days were all negative, and it progressed exactly like a head cold does for me, so I think I'm still yet to be infected. Nonetheless, I had zero energy all week since I couldn't breathe properly, and until Friday only managed to get out to the barn a couple of times to scrape hair off the shedding ponies. 

So much hair. This was the second day in a row of scraping hair - pretty sure I got more off on the the second day than the first day! 

On Friday I tacked up and hopped on Cisco, with the thought that if I only did 20 minutes at a walk, at least it was something. I figured he would have enough energy to carry us both forward, which he did, but I had little strength in my limbs to influence him. We did a half-hour at all gaits and he was pretty kind to me - he only spooked once.

So, yeah, it's been pretty quiet on the horse front. I'm starting to feel a bit more energetic (just in time to go back to work), so hopefully we'll get some saddle time next week.

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  1. It’s so hard when we get sick now. All that testing is necessary but tiring. Glad you are feeling better.