Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Say No to Big Worm!

This whole ivermectin to cure your Covid thing is nuts. 

I won't deny that in my many years of horse ownership I've probably ingested some. Totally unintentionally though - I've had a couple of horses who weren't great about getting a syringe stuck in their mouth.

But voluntarily ingesting a drug that's formulated for a different species that is on average probably 5 times your body weight? And that is used to kill off internal parasites - which are not a virus? Just ridiculous. 

Thankfully I already have my dewormers for the year. Since it's so cold up here we don't really need to deworm between when it freezes and thaws - November to March or so. I've got my Quest Plus ready to go. (Just wait until they discover that moxidectin is basically the same class of drugs as ivermectin!)

Anyhoo, these comments on Reddit made me laugh. 

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  1. That thread is bizarre and hilarious. I don’t understand how people could be so stupid