Friday, 30 October 2020

I'm the Wanker

 Well. it's been a hot minute since I've posted!

I've been working shifts that are all over the place - super early, mid-day, or late, with not much regularity to it, so I've just been too tired to type anything up. But I've been pretty good about getting onto the ponies and getting some rides in. 

I did manage to write something though - I sent an email of a recent trailering practice to the ladies of the Buck Off Banter podcast. They decided that my story was wankerish enough for them and I was the featured wanker of last week's episode. 

The sweaty horse after the trailer ride and his jaunt in the dark.

My mother had a good laugh at the story in which she was featured, although she was a little disappointed that her scabby knee was only good for a ribbon.

Here's a link to the episode!

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