Friday, 17 April 2020

More Signs of Spring

Up in the Great White North, spring has been taking its time in arriving.

One of the farmer's fields on my way out to the barn on Thursday - still covered in snow.
I think it's finally happening though.

Thursday was a beautiful, sunny day. I arrived at the barn mid-afternoon and had to traverse a row of mud to get to the ponies paddock. Every time that I had to go through the mud again it seemed to have gotten wider and wetter as the snow piles on the other side were melting and draining that direction. I've got to remember to put my Muck Boots that don't have holes in them into the car next time (I left them in the garage - oops).
New barn kitty! She's a feral kitten and absolutely adorable. She won't let us touch her yet, but she's come a long way over the last few weeks - she lets me get within a meter or so before darting away. I might take a couple of cat toys out to see if I can lure her closer. 
It was just another day of scraping hair off the horses. This time we stood out in the sun to do it. Surprisingly, Cisco actually stands really well outside with the lead mostly draped over his neck. Phantom is the pain in the ass one who keeps testing to see if I really mean stay in one place when I tell her to stand. She's pretty sure that "stand" means "go find snacks yourself".

I'm hoping to be able to turn the kids out without blankets as of Sunday. They are currently just wearing rain sheets since we might get a bit of moisture on Friday. 

If you walked past them in their paddock. you might notice two more signs that warm weather is on its way.

First - white tails got let down from their winter braids.

It's not clean yet though.
Well, one tail. Phantom's tail is a bit too poopy to want to touch it at the moment. Hers will get done on either Sunday or Monday when I can wash it.

And the second sign of spring - Phantom is sporting her sunglasses.

That means sunny days are here and warm has to be just around the corner!


  1. It has to warm up eventually, right? We had warm weather at the end of March and turns out that was just a cruel trick from ol' Mother Nature. We've since had 2 weeks of cold and snow/rain. Ugh.

    That new barn cat is cute! I'm sure you can win her over eventually!

    1. We haven't really had warm yet this year. March and so far April have been unseasonably chilly. This week is supposed to be double digits all week - with a plus sign in front even!