Wednesday, 7 February 2018

New Armour

I know I sound like a whiny baby, but it's been so cold here! The original forecast had the temperature warming up by mid-week, but it has been pushed back until the weekend. I was in the arena for about 20 minutes chasing Cisco around, and I froze. So I'm definitely not riding until it warms up this weekend.

One of the main reasons that I went out on Tuesday was to swap Cisco's damaged suit of armor for a shiny, new, dent-free suit of armor. Pony Grandma is going to work her magic and patch up the old armor. Once it's patched it will go back on him. I'd like to keep the new armor shiny for as long as possible.

This new plaid is rather horrendous. Citrus Slate. I don't recommend it, unless you get a killer deal like I did.
Pretty sure Pony Grandpa had polyester pants in this plaid. Back in the '70's.
It might look not too bad on a gray horse if he didn't have the hood on. Don't get this colour if you have a chestnut.

Props to Kensington to one detail though - they used chrome black hardware on the blanket. Nice touch. I mean, your eye is drawn to the hideous plaid and you probably won't notice that little feature, but nice nonetheless. 

Cisco had a good play in the arena. He used about 3/4 of the arena for once. He's still not going all the way down to the end, but getting closer. The barn owner's large dog was running back and forth along the fence of the arena and Cisco was having fun racing him. 

I would love to let Phantom loose in the arena to get rid of some sillies but I'm worried that she would tie up again. I want to start her back slowly and make sure I don't see any signs of issues before letting her loose. So she just came in to get her food. And no cookies! 
She might have figured out that cookies live in the tack stall.
I can't wait for this cold to end.


  1. You and me both- I have had enough of winter. Every time it warms up it rains. Every.darn.time.

    1. Ha! We're still a month and a half away from rain. But there's more snow in the forecast!

  2. Horrendous patterns are always forgivable when they are cheap lol!

    1. Yep - the cheaper it is, the prettier it becomes!