Friday, 22 December 2017

It's Getting Chilly

First of all - to my Secret Santa for the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange - I received my gift! But I'm not going to open it until Christmas Day. I know there won't be very many presents under the tree with my name on it so I like to wait to open anything I receive. (I'll post about it after I open it.)

I have two more night of work left before switching back over to days and being able to do stuff. Well, I would like to do stuff. But this is the forecast starting at that time (in Celsius):
If you don't know the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, these temperatures are really cold. Just take my word for it. 

I am so not as committed to riding as I was when I was younger. Now, when it's this cold, I'm at home on the couch. Under a heated blanket. With a cat laying on my chest. Watching Netflix.

The ponies are perfectly happy outside gorging on a round bale. (You want me to eat more because it's cold? If I must!) 

I'm guessing I won't get a ride in until the new year. Hopefully it will be in my new saddle. The original estimated shipping date was December 15, but since they emailed me yesterday about my custom cantle detail it's obviously not ready quite yet. Hopefully soon!


  1. Yes- those are very cold temperatures. hopefully it warm up soon.

    1. According to the forecast it's not supposed to warm up until New Year's Day. And then snow.